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Research into the auto finance market

(Industry research)


Our client, a European car manufacturer, was considering entering the China market, but needed to establish whether it was likely to be able to offer financing services to its customers. 


At the time of the project, there were extremely strict regulations on foreign involvement in non-banking financial institutions.  It was essentially impossible for foreign car manufacturers to provide financing to their customers.  However, some Chinese manufacturers had begun to provide leasing services through partnerships with banks, and the concessions that China had made to secure WTO entry suggested that the country would eventually allow foreign companies to provide auto leasing services. 

Sinogie conducted extensive interviews with domestic and foreign car manufacturers to establish whether they offered leasing or other financial services, and if so, exactly what the nature of these services was.  In cases where companies did not offer financial services, we established whether they had any plans to do so in the near future.  In addition, we contacted senior executives at a number of Chinese banks to establish their policies concerning auto financing.


We also conducted in-depth interviews with officials from the Ministry of Finance, the People’s Bank of China, and other relevant institutions to establish whether, and, if so, when, foreign and foreign-invested car manufacturers would be allowed to offer leasing and other financial services in China.  We established from them how the industry was likely to be regulated when foreign companies were allowed to offer these services: what criteria the companies would have to fulfil; how much they would be required to invest; the scope of services that they would be allowed to offer; and other issues. 


The client used this information to develop its business plan for market entry: it knew when it would be able to offer leasing and other financial services to its customers; how it should structure its investment in a financial services operation; and what services it would be able to offer. 



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