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Monitoring news on the semiconductor industry

(Media monitoring)


Our client, a global provider of reputational analysis services, needed to analyse press coverage of its client, one of the world’s biggest semiconductor manufacturers, in major markets around the world. 


In order to provide this analysis, our client needed effective media-monitoring in all of these markets.  It already had access to media-monitoring service in Europe, North America and elsewhere, but could not access high-quality services anywhere in Asia. 


The company had tried working with global PR firms and small local service providers in Asia, but it had not been able to secure thorough, reliable and impartial media-monitoring services. 


The client initially engaged Sinogie to monitor Japanese media coverage of the client and 35 of its leading rivals.  After several months of consistently high-quality reports from our team in Japan, the client expanded the project to cover several markets in Asia, as well as expanding the list of target companies. 


Sinogie now provides the client with the following:



Monitoring for all coverage in the target media of the client and 39 other leading companies in the semiconductor industry.


Monitoring 65 print and Internet publications, including leading business publications and specialist industry news sources.


Monitoring in the following markets:

-       Japan (Japanese and English)

-       Mainland China (Simplified Chinese)

-       Taiwan (Traditional Chinese and English)

-       South Korea (Korean and English)

-       India (English)

-       Asian regional publications (English)


Monthly reports with indexes and full texts, arranged to ensure that our client can analyse the information as easily as possible.


Approximately 1,800 articles per month.


This information allows our client to accurately assess coverage of its client and all of its rivals.  The ultimate client is able to use this information to choose how to allocate its advertising and marketing budgets across the region. 


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