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Search for a distributor for beer bottle labels

(Partner search)


Our client, a specialist manufacturer of beer bottle labels, was looking for a distributor for its beer labels in China.  The client sold high-end beer labels, which used technologies as yet unavailable in China, or in most other markets. 


The client required a distributor who met very strict conditions, including the following:



Experience in selling related products to breweries in China.


Established relationships with breweries throughout the country.


An ability to understand and sell high-end products using new technologies.


Experience in working with foreign manufacturers.


Sinogie conducted extensive research into the availability of appropriate partners for our client.  Our research included searches of publicly-available material, press databases, and local trade directories; interviews with representatives of breweries across China; and pretext calls made directly to potential distributors. 


Sinogie discovered that there were no companies which could effectively give our client the support and the quality of service that it needed.  We explained this to the client, and suggested a variety of alternative market entry approaches.  However, we also found the partner that came closest to our client’s needs – it had a strong national distribution network and strong relationships with a large number of breweries – and assisted the two parties in beginning negotiations.  Armed with this information, our client is now evaluating whether to work with this distributor or use an alternative market entry strategy. 



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