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In many markets, it is essential to work with a local partner. Sometimes government regulations force foreign investors to go into business with local joint venture partners.  In other cases, it makes good business sense to team up with a local partner, whether it is a joint venture partner, a distributor, a licensee or a franchisee.  Choosing the right partner is one of the most important decisions in the investment process.


But when you enter a new market, how can you be sure that you’re working with the right partner?  Many foreign investors agree to work with the first company that approaches them, or a company they find on the Internet, or a company run by someone who is a friend of a friend of someone who claims to have “good connections” in Asia.


Potential business partners will claim that they are well connected, that they have good distribution networks, or that their manufacturing facilities are the best in the country.  Sometimes they are telling the truth.  And sometimes they’re not.  This hit-and-miss approach gives investors no guarantees.  Even if every claim a potential partner makes is true, there may be other companies which better meet the investor’s requirements. 


Take a more professional approach


With a wealth of experience in searching for potential business partners, Sinogie’s consulting team can help you find the local companies which best suit your requirements for partnership.


We will work with you to develop an understanding of your needs from a local partner.  We will address questions such as the following:



Do you want a silent partner or a partner who can help you? 


Do you need a partner with a strong distribution network? 


Do you need a partner with good government connections?


Do you need a long-established partner or a newer, more dynamic one?




In many cases, we can help you develop a picture of what you need from a partner.  Our experience in local markets – especially in China – means that we understand what you need.  You may need a partner with an import-export licence, for example, or a partner which operates in specific cities.



Giving you the choice


After building up a picture of your criteria, we conduct extensive research and prepare a shortlist of companies that match your criteria.  The list will contain basic information on each of the companies, and on how they meet your criteria.


Should you require us to do so, we will then conduct a more in-depth investigation of one or more target companies – see our company search page for more information on these investigations. 


This lets you ensure that you’re working with the partner best suited to your needs. 



More than just partners


Our clients regularly use our partner search services to find OEMs (see OEM searches), acquisition targets, and other companies in China that can help them build their businesses in the country. 


Searching for investors


Traditionally, our partner search services have focused on helping foreign companies find investment targets and business partners in China.  However, more and more of our clients are asking us to find Chinese investors. 


Sinogie can now help you find Chinese companies or individuals who can purchase your company or buy an equity stake.  As with our traditional partner search, we’ll work with you to build a picture of the ideal investor, and find companies that meet those criteria. 


To find out more, please visit our searching for Chinese investors page, or visit our dedicated Chinese overseas investment site,




For more information on how Sinogie’s partner search services can help your business,

please e-mail us,

or call our Sydney sales office on

+61 2 8705 5435.