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Since 2001, Sinogie Consulting has been providing clients with the information they need to make the right strategic decisions in Asia.  We help companies assess the potential of their target markets, understand current market conditions and restrictions, find business partners who meet their requirements, and check that potential partners are everything they claim to be.  We also identify and take action against companies which are infringing our clients’ intellectual property.


Sinogie has offices in Sydney, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and has a team of specialists in major cities across Asia to ensure that we can give you the on-the-ground information that is crucial to an in-depth understanding of local conditions.  Our management has well over a decade of experience in market research, corporate investigation, and industry research, covering the PRC, Greater China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.


Why do you need Sinogie?


Sinogie’s services give you the information you need to avoid the pitfalls that have befallen so many foreign investors in Asia, especially in China. 


There are many tales of disastrous investments in Asian markets, by multinationals and small business alike.  Some of the most common mistakes include:



Overestimating the size of the market


Failing to tailor products and services to local market needs


Misunderstanding the effect market restrictions may have


Failing to assess the competition properly


Choosing the wrong business partner


All of these are the result of a lack of proper research.


Sinogie’s services help ensure that your company is armed with the information it needs to succeed in new markets. 


Our information can also help existing investors in the region re-assess their strategies to optimise their local operations, and can help companies protect their intellectual property in Asia. 


Our key services are set out below:





Company searches


When you choose to work with a local partner – be it a distributor, a joint venture partner or a franchisee – or when you target a local company for acquisition, you have to know whether the target company is everything it claims to be.  Sinogie’s standard and tailor-made company searches help ensure that you have the information you need to enter into business deals with local companies.



Partner searches


In many markets, government-imposed restrictions or the difficulties of dealing with local market conditions can make it essential to work with a local partner.  Sinogie can help you find the partner that best matches your requirements in size, abilities, management, and reputation.



Searching for Chinese investors


While our business has traditionally focused on foreign investment into China, more and more of our clients are now seeking investment from Chinese companies.  Our new dedicated website,, helps match Chinese investors and foreign investees.



Media monitoring


Sinogie’s media monitoring services help you stay up to date with the latest news concerning your company, your rivals, your clients and your suppliers, without having to commit staff to the task.   Our services allow you to monitor the success of your latest promotional project, and to identify and react to new opportunities and challenges.



OEM searches


Outsourcing manufacturing to China is becoming ever more popular among European and American firms. 


Sinogie can help you find an OEM who can manufacture to your standards.



Company inspections


If you already have an OEM or other partner in mind, Sinogie can visit the factory to ensure that it is everything it claims to be, and that it meets your requirements.  We can also conduct regular inspections of existing OEMs to make sure that they continue to reach your standards.



Market research


Our market research services help you assess the needs of the local market.  Our information will allow you to properly assess the size of your target market in order to make investment decisions; tailor your products to meet local market needs; and understand local perceptions of your competitors.



Industry reports


Sinogie prepares tailor-made industry reports addressing any aspect of local market conditions our clients need us to address.  Typical reports cover local market restrictions; major market players; recent policy developments; and other major issues affecting the industry.



Specialist editing


With our staff’s extensive experience of doing business in Asia, and our wide range of language capabilities, Sinogie provides high-quality Asia-focused legal and financial editing services to investment banks, law firms and other clients.



Intellectual property protection


Sinogie’s team of investigative professionals can identify the manufacturers of counterfeit and infringing products; arrange to make trap purchases of the products; and work with the local authorities to ensure that action is taken against the counterfeiters and infringers.



Asset disposal


Because of our in-depth knowledge of China’s vast and rapidly-expanding manufacturing sector, we can help you find a buyer for your unwanted manufacturing equipment.  As manufacturing moves to China from overseas, Chinese companies need all types industrial plant.



Surveillance and investigation services


Sinogie’s team of investigators can provide covert surveillance of counterfeiters, suspect employees and other parties.  We can also trace ownership of telephone numbers, and provide copies of call records.



Find out more


Sinogie has used its unique combination of capabilities to provide services to customers across a wide range of industries. 


To find out more about the range of clients that we have served, please visit our list of past projects. 


For more in-depth information on selected past projects, take a look at our case studies.  


For more information on how Sinogie

can help your business in Asia,

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