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Investors make assumptions when entering new markets.  They have to.  They have to guess whether people will want their product or service in a market with which they are unfamiliar.  They have to guess at how their company will cope with local market conditions.  But not everything has to come from guesswork.  Information is available on a range of issues, from government policies and market restrictions to the current state of play among potential competitors.  Sinogie’s industry reports can help take the guesswork out of your project planning. 


With over a decade’s experience in all aspects of industry research in China and elsewhere in Asia, Sinogie’s management can help you find the information you need to develop your business strategy. 




Sinogie produces tailor-made reports for clients, covering anything from a general survey of industry conditions to specific issues that may help guide you through a particular problem.  Each industry report is different, but typical reports cover issues such as these:




Who are the major domestic and overseas players in the industry? 


What are their respective positions in the market?


How big is the market?  What is the potential for growth?


What restrictions are there on:


Setting up a production facility?


Importing your product into the country?


Distributing, selling and advertising your product?


How have the existing players overcome these restrictions?


How have your competitors dealt with other issues, such as downsizing, closing, expanding, or increasing their share in joint ventures?


How big is the problem of intellectual property piracy in the industry?


Is regional protectionism an issue in your target market?  How is it conducted?


Are any changes in government policy likely to affect your business and your competitive position in the near future?


Sinogie can cover almost any issue of concern to you and your company.  While we specialise in conducting industry reports in China, we also work with local partners in other countries throughout the region. 


Sinogie’s industry reports can be combined with our market research and policy research services to give you all the information you need to develop your company’s future strategy in Asian markets.


For more information on how Sinogie’s industry reports can help you develop your strategy,

please e-mail us,

or call our Sydney sales office on

+61 2 8705 5435.