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To compete effectively in the international marketplace, it’s essential to ensure that your products are manufactured as quickly, as cheaply and as efficiently as possible, while maintaining the highest levels of quality. 


More and more companies in Europe, North America and elsewhere are finding that the most cost-effective way to manufacture their products is to outsource. 


Many of them have found that China – especially the Pearl River Delta encompassing Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Zhongshan in Southern China’s Guangdong Province – is the best place to find contract manufacturers who can meet high quality standards and turnaround times while keeping costs to a minimum.  The region has become the world’s factory, with particular strengths in the electronics, textiles, leather goods, furniture, and metalworking sectors. 


The trend towards outsourcing means that companies which have never dealt with overseas suppliers are for the first time entrusting their manufacturing to companies in China.  Finding the right company – one that can meet your quality standards, provide you with reliable deliveries, and react quickly to your decisions – can be a daunting task. 


As OEMs begin to spread across China from the Pearl River Delta, finding the right company is becoming even more difficult.  Meanwhile, the spectre of product-quality scandals hangs over every outsourcer, underlining the importance of finding a trustworthy OEM. 


Sinogie regularly helps overseas clients find the OEMs that best meet their needs.  We work with our clients to establish exactly what they need from an OEM, in terms of safety and production standards, certification, production capacity, experience in working with foreign clients, and other factors.  Using techniques similar to those in our partner searches, we develop a shortlist of companies that meet these standards, and approach them on the client’s behalf to establish whether they would be interested in working with our client.


We provide our clients with information on the companies’ contact details, their existing clients, their manufacturing capabilities, their equipment, their staff conditions, their certifications, their export and transportation practices, and other issues of concern to the client.


We can then conduct inspections to ensure that the companies are everything that they claim to be.  



For more information on how Sinogie can help you find a contract manufacturer,

please e-mail us,

or call our Sydney sales office on

+61 2 8705 5435.