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As the global recession continues to bite, consumers and private companies are cutting back on expenditure, eroding traditional markets for products and services.  Governments around the world are trying to launch stimulus packages, but many are hopelessly short of cash.  The Chinese government is one of the few bright spots in this gloomy picture: the cash-rich government is spending huge amounts of money to boost the economy. 


The RMB 4 trillion stimulus package announced by the Chinese government in November 2008 is expected to be the first of a series of such packages aimed at boosting domestic expenditure, creating new physical and social infrastructure, and supporting existing industries.  This spending packages is already filtering through: local provincial and city governments across China are embarking on enormous spending programmes.  


This doesn’t just create opportunities for Chinese companies: this huge wave of government expenditure is creating a major new market for global companies at the time they need it most.  Foreign companies  that stand to benefit from these stimulus packages include:



Computer and peripherals manufacturers


Telecom equipment firms and channel resellers


Electronics manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers


IT services firms and software firms


Medical equipment manufacturers and resellers


Electrical equipment manufacturers and resellers


Vehicle manufacturers and dealers


Building management firms


Construction firms


Architects and urban planners


Water and sewage specialists


Scientific equipment makers


Consulting and professional services firms


However, getting access to these new opportunities is a challenge.  There is no centralised database for local government procurement, and thus no coherent, central source of information on market opportunities.  


Even if there were, foreign companies worry about whether it’s really possible to exploit the opportunity.  Some worry that corrupt governments already have contracts secretly sewn up with local firms before a tender is even issued; others worry that official or unofficial government policies might exclude them from the market. 


China Tender Bulletin gives you what you need


To address these issues, and to help our clients access this huge new market, Sinogie has launched a publication and services under the China Tender Bulletin (“CTB”) brand.  CTB builds on Sinogie’s long-established media-monitoring, industry research and government policy analysis practices to provide the only comprehensive Chinese government tender service. 


China Tender Bulletin allows you to identify, evaluate and bid for government tenders across China through an integrated, comprehensive system of publications and value-added services. 


The publication


China Tender Bulletin itself is a twice-weekly publication giving you clear, concise and timely information on all invitations to tender from China’s 31 provincial-level governments and the municipal and district governments of over 100 cities across China.


To see past issues of CTB, please click here.  

Accessing invitations to tender


Sinogie’s nationwide team of experts can obtain, and if necessary arrange translation of, front pages of any invitation to tender listed in CTB. 

Sinogie’s team can collect, and if necessary, purchase, full texts of invitations to tender and forward them electronically or physically to CTB subscribers.


Checking tender histories


When a subscriber is interested in a tender, Sinogie’s team can conduct searches for tenders previously awarded  by the same authority for the same type of product or service. 


This allows the subscriber to assess whether tenders are usually awarded to the same company, or whether only local firms ever win tenders.  The subscriber can use this information to assess whether it is worthwhile to bid for a project. 


Getting additional information


For complex products and services, it can be worthwhile to discuss with the issuing authority exactly what it’s looking for: there may be requirements and ideas which are not set out in the invitation to tender. 


Sinogie’s government policy analysis specialists can conduct formal or informal interviews with local officials at the  tender issuing authority, and – if it’s a different organisation – the unit which will be the end-user of the product or service, to find out more about its ideas and requirements.  We can find out whether these organisations are looking for local, out-of-town, or international suppliers, and discover more about how a bidder can tailor its bid to maximise its chances of winning a tender. 


Find out more


To find out more about China Tender Bulletin, please visit the CTB website at



For more information on China Tender Bulletin can help you build your business in China,

please e-mail us,

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