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Sinogie has carried out a wide range of projects for a variety of clients.  While client confidentiality prevents us from disclosing the identity of our clients, we can provide background information on selected major projects.  




Project description





Global top-five luxury car maker



Background research into auto financing in China.

(see case study)


Global top-five telecom equipment manufacturer


North America

Daily summary of all news concerning the telecom sector in Asia.

Leading aircraft manufacturer



Analysis of the ownership structures and decision-making processes at Chinese airlines.


Global top-five luxury hotel operator



Monitoring news across Asia, in two languages, on 25 global hotel chains.


Global top-five building supplies manufacturer



Project for one of Europe’s biggest cement and dry-wall makers.  The work included a large market research project; investigation of the client’s 20 biggest competitors; investigation of the current regulatory environment concerning construction materials; and research into future developments in the regulatory environment.

(see case study)


Reputational analysis firm



Monitoring news in six countries and regions across Asia, in four languages, on 40 semiconductor manufacturers.

(see case study)


Global top-ten chemicals company



Research into the risk of closure of the client’s joint-venture factory by local authorities in China.


Consulting company


Hong Kong

Research into the private banking market in China;

Research into the distribution and marketing of chocolate and other dairy products in China;

Research into foreign exchange regulations in China, with particular reference to how selected companies deal with the regulations.


Global top-three industrial gases manufacturer


North America

Background investigations of approximately 20 acquisition targets and potential clients in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


Global top-three printing equipment manufacturer



Background investigations of approximately 15 acquisition targets in China.


Operator of major ports across Asia and Europe



Background investigations of approximately 30 acquisition targets in China.

(see case study)


Consumer electronics manufacturer



Market research project: qualitative research into the market for walkie-talkies.

(see case study)


Global top-five international law firm



Background reports on over 50 potential clients.


Global top-five software developer


Monthly summary of all news concerning our client and five other software companies in Japan.


Investment consortium


Hong Kong and Japan

Report on the casino industry in Macau, with information on current and future operators and ongoing industry and regulatory reform.


Financial services company



Background information on potential leasing clients in Shanghai.


Dairy manufacturer


Research into the current and potential market for processed cheese and other dairy products in China: investigation of current and potential size of the consumer and institutional markets; research into national and regional eating habits and taste preferences; information on current and future government dairy industry policies; identification and evaluation of over 30 dairies which could be local manufacturing partners or acquisition targets.


Auto components manufacturer supplying the American Big Three


Search for a suitable manufacturing partner or acquisition target in the Pearl River Delta. 


Three of the world’s top five  office consumables manufacturers

USA and Japan

Investigation of a series of companies across China which manufacture counterfeit versions of our clients’ products.  Organising raids by the Chinese authorities against proven counterfeiters.

(see case study)


Leading regional budget airline

South-East Asia

Research into the market for leisure and business travel from the Pearl River Delta to South-East Asia.


Global top-five winterwear retailer


Search for potential distributors of luxury winterwear across China.


Property development firm


Investigation into a potential partner for a real-estate project; research into the company’s alleged underworld connections.


Leading global investment bank


Research into the self-storage industry in Hong Kong. 


Leading global investment bank


Research into the market for elevators in Hong Kong: research into the development plans and decision-making processes of Hong Kong’s largest property developers.


Sports-equipment firm


Search for a Chinese manufacturer of covers for boats and other sports equipment.


Castings supplier


Search for Chinese companies which could provide technical drawings, moulds and casting services for a series of low-volume, highly-detailed custom casting projects.


Mobile phone manufacturer


Investigation into the Chinese manufacturer of copies of our client’s latest mobile phone.


Auto show organiser


Monitoring of Korean newspaper and magazine coverage of auto shows organised by the client and its rivals.


Major specialist class-action law firm


Investigation of the events leading up to the near-collapse of a China-wide retail chain. 



Note: company rankings such as “Global top-five” are based on 2007 worldwide sales.


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