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The best-laid plans for the development of your business in China can be thrown into chaos by sudden changes in government policy.  Companies with less well-thought-out plans can run into trouble because current local or national government policy puts them at a major disadvantage to local companies, or even makes their product or service illegal.  Unofficial policies based on the whims of senior officials can also have a profound effect on your business.


Sinogie can help you understand exactly how government policies and the opinions of local officials might affect your business.  Sinogie conducts formal and informal interviews with government officials to find a wide range of information, including the following:



How does the decision-making process work in the project that your company is bidding for?  Who makes the decisions, and what will the decisions be based on?


Is there an official national or local government policy which would give local players an advantage over you in a particular project, or in an industry as a whole?


Would local sentiment or the local political situation affect the ability of your company to win a court case?


Are laws or regulations concerning your industry likely to change soon?  If so, what can you do to protect your company’s interests?


Are particular Chinese companies likely to benefit from upcoming changes in policy, or from government decisions on certain projects?  What can you do to ally your company with these firms?


What would be the best approach for you to use to promote your company’s interests in China?


Knowing how government decisions are likely to affect your industry can give you a significant head-start over your rivals. 


Sinogie’s ability to conduct in-depth interviews with officials at every level of local and national government can give you access to the information that your company needs to succeed.




For more information on how Sinogie’s policy research can help you develop your strategy,

please e-mail us,

or call our Sydney sales office on

+61 2 8705 5435.