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When working with an OEM on the other side of the world, it can be hard to ensure levels of quality, consistency and turnaround times that you need.  Consumers in the US, Europe and Asia are also increasingly sensitive about workers’ rights: ensuring that your products are manufactured in reasonable conditions is very important to your image.


The horror stories of lead paint in dolls and other children’s toys, tainted toothpaste and other faulty products, as well as stories of poor labour conditions, have had an appalling effect on the images of some companies which outsource their manufacturing to China.  But outsourcing is essential, and can work brilliantly if you take the proper precautions.


Sinogie’s network of company inspectors across China – especially in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta areas which are the country’s OEM centres – can help you monitor operations at an existing or prospective OEM to ensure that the company continues to meet your standards.


If you are considering whether to begin working with an OEM, we can work with you to develop a checklist of the standards that the company must meet.  We can then visit the factory – with or without the knowledge of the factory’s management – and ensure that it is everything that it claims to be. 


If you already have an existing OEM arrangement in China, we can conduct periodic inspections of the factory in order to assess manufacturing processes, staff conditions, inventory issues, and other issues of concern to you.


For more information on how Sinogie’s company inspection services can help you,

please e-mail us,

or call our Sydney sales office on

+61 2 8705 5435.