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While Australia is weathering the global financial crisis better than most developed economies, times are still hard.  Exporting your product or service to China gives you access to a new, large, and rapidly-growing market. 


Sinogie’s services can help you assess the potential of the market, tailor your products or services for the Chinese market, find and vet importers and distributors, and develop sales and marketing strategies. 


But in these difficult times, how do you pay for these services?


Austrade’s Export Market Development Grant (“EMDG”) scheme can help.  Austrade, a unit of the Australian government, provides cash grants to Australian companies planning to export their products, services, and intellectual property. 


The grants allow you to claim back the cost of a variety of expenses, including travel to your potential export market, the cost of overseas representatives, samples, trade fairs and promotions, as well as the cost of marketing consulting.  You can claim back the full cost of such expenses, subject to certain limits.  You will receive a cash payment – not just a tax break – to reimburse you for your expenses. 


Under the EMDG can claim up to A$ 50,000 per year for marketing consultants.   Normally, you can claim back 50% (up to A$ 50,000) of the fees that you pay to marketing consultants, after the first A$ 10,000. 


This means that you can claim back fees that you pay Sinogie for the following services related to exporting to China. 



All types of market research


Industry reports


Development of marketing databases


Government policy analysis


Searches for licensees


Searches for Chinese importers, distributors and retailers.


Company searches concerning export business partners


Subscriptions to China Tender Bulletin. 


This gives you the opportunity to explore the potential of the Chinese market, and to kick-start sales in China, while keeping your costs to a minimum. 



For more information on how the EMDG scheme can help you pay for Sinogie’s services,

please e-mail us,

or call our Sydney sales office on

+61 2 8705 5435.