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Investigation of ports across China

(Company searches)


Our client, one of the world’s biggest port operators, has been making a series of investments in ports across China over the past few years. 


Whenever the client makes a new investment or acquisition, it is essential that it understands what it is getting into.  The ownership structure of ports in China is incredibly complex.  In many cases, different parties own the port itself, the rights to shipping lanes, the berths within the port, and container handling facilities.  Our client needs to know exactly who it is dealing with, and which entities it must acquire in order to have the level of control over the port that it expects. 


Every time the client begins work on a new project, it engages Sinogie to conduct a series of company searches on entities involved with the target port’s operations.  We provide the client with information including the following:



The identities of each company involved in the operation of the port


Each company’s ownership


Its registered business scope


The type business it carries out within the port and elsewhere


Its turnover and profit


Its management


Its relationship to other companies involved in the operation of the port


Because of the complex ownership structures of these companies, our research often involves company searches not only in Mainland China, but in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and elsewhere. 


Sinogie then creates a clear picture of the ownership structure and operations of each port. 


Armed with this information, our client has made a series of smooth, hassle free investments and acquisitions in ports along China’s coast.




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