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To properly devise a market entry strategy, you have to understand the local market.  Is your product really what people need?  Should you alter your product to suit the local market?  Is there enough demand to justify your opening a local production facility? 


Many foreign investors make wild assumptions about market potential in China.  While the cliché of 1.3 billion consumers is trotted out almost daily, it grossly oversimplifies the nature of the Chinese market.  Because of vast differences in income levels and tastes, China should be split into many markets.  Poor farmers in China’s Northwest, for example, are unlikely to buy expensive consumer goods, but many foreign investors seem to ignore this. 


Failures to properly assess the market have led to many mistaken investments.  Foreign investors have built factories with massive overcapacity, or installed assembly lines for products that consumers and corporations in China don’t need or don’t want. 


Conducting proper market research before entering the market is the key to developing an appropriate market entry strategy.  It allows investors to choose the right market entry vehicle, tailor products to local markets, and locate geographical and other target markets. 


Even companies that have already made investments in China can benefit from market research – it can help them to rethink their strategies to improve their performance.


How we can help


Sinogie Consulting can conduct market research projects to give you the information you need to develop your corporate strategy in China.  We offer in-depth market research addressing both corporate and consumer markets.  Our team of market research specialists can cover every major city in Mainland China.  



Each market research report is tailor-made: we can conduct anything from a telephone survey or street survey covering thousands of respondents to a six-person focus group.  We can provide both quantitative and qualitative research projects.


Our market research team can conduct projects to examine issues such as product preferences, brand recognition, effectiveness of advertising, purchasing methods, preferred sales outlets, price points, and any other issue which will help you develop your products and your sales strategy to maximise your profits. 


As well as interviewing the people who make up your target market, our policy research unit can conduct interviews with government officials, representatives of industry associations, and other individuals who can give information on crucial aspects of government policy and other issues which may affect your operations in China.



To develop an even more in-depth understanding of market conditions, clients can combine information from our market research with our industry reports, which contain information on potential rivals, government policies and plans, market growth, and other issues.



For more information on how Sinogie’s market research services can help you,

please e-mail us,

or call our Sydney sales office on

+61 2 8705 5435.